”It is a pleasure working with you, Andy! You know your stuff and can be strong with your opinions and points of view, but you show humility and great appreciation for the audience.”

”You’ve breathed new life into me for our campaign.”

”Your book on boards is great. Every page of it is wonderful.”

“Andy is an INCREDIBLE fundraising trainer. I watched him take a room of board members from frowning and skeptical, to a smiling group of committed fundraisers.”

“Thank you for putting fun back in the classroom. Really enjoyed your style and approach. You’re one of the best!”

“We are happy to say that our board is more involved with fundraising than ever before. We have 100% participation in solicitation and appreciation activities by our trustees for our year-end giving campaign. It seems like a true culture shift is happening. Thank you for all of your help in making this happen.”

”You taught us to use personal stories and thank people for everything they do. I have gone way outside my comfort zone and have done many ‘asks’ — and have actually gotten very comfortable doing them. Our success is directly related to what you taught us. Thanks for the inspiration!”

”You have a great ability to challenge and push, but in such a kind way that is always from the heart. I admire your energy, total commitment to the participants, and your role as a supportive team member.”

”I had so much confidence after your workshop that I was able to ask a major corporation for a $5,000 contribution…and got it!”

”You have a special gift that I haven’t seen in many people. You are very diplomatic and yet you don’t let things pass, you’re a mirror, people see but are not threatened, and all leave feeling with a sense of accomplishment and common purpose.” 

”I’m a ‘lifer’ in the world of development, yet your training offered more concrete tools and examples than most of the rest of the workshops I’ve attended put together.” 

”Thank you for your mentoring. We have raised $10,000 in three weeks thanks to your teachings.”

”In our strategic planning process, Andy was more than a consultant; he was coach, booster, and alchemist. Our plan is not shelf art — it’s a relevant, dynamic and motivating call to action that we use every day.”

”Coming to your workshop is like going to a favorite movie …. it’s so inspiring, you want to experience it all again. Thank you. I am renewed.”

“Thank you so much for the way you engage and encourage us to be our best.”