About Andy

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For 36 years, I’ve worked with a variety of nonprofits as a fundraiser, facilitator, trainer and community organizer. Since starting my consulting practice in 1995, I’ve provided support and training to thousands of nonprofit staff and volunteer leaders in 47 U.S. states and across Canada.

I specialize in the needs of organizations working for human rights, social justice, artistic expression, environmental conservation, and community development.

My books include Grassroots Grants and Selling Social Change, available from Jossey-Bass. How to Raise $500 to $5000 From Almost Anyone, Great Boards for Small Groups, and The Board Member’s Easier Than You Think Guide to Nonprofit Finances (with Nancy Wasserman), were published by Emerson & Church.

My latest book with Andrea Kihlstedt is  Train Your Board (and Everyone Else) to Raise Money. 

I live in Plainfield, Vermont with my spouse Jan, a woodlot filled with wildlife, and a garden that is completely out of control.