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The following 13 articles are available from the Grassroots Fundraising Journal, In the “Author’s last name” box, enter Robinson. Note: The Journal charges $3 to download each article. They are a nonprofit and deserve your support!

 “Organizational Assessment: Developing an Earned Income Strategy that Works for YOU,” Grassroots Fundraising Journal, March-April 2013.

 “Confessions of A Capital Campaign Chair”, Grassroots Fundraising Journal, May-June 2012.

 “Ten Creative Ways to Pay for Training and Consulting”, Grassroots Fundraising Journal, July-August 2011.

 “What Every Board Members Should Know About Financial Management … and Probably Doesn’t”, with Nancy Wasserman, Grassroots Fundraising Journal, January/February 2011.

 “After the Yes: Twelve Questions You Can Ask Donors”, Grassroots Fundraising Journal, September/October 2010.

 “Always Be Asking: Using Organizing to Build Membership”, Grassroots Fundraising Journal, March/April. 2010.

  “They Said They Would Raise Money…Now What? Twelve Tips to Help Board Members Hold Each Other Accountable”, Grassroots Fundraising Journal, July-August 2008.

 “More Askers = More Money: An All-Staff Approach to Major Gifts”, Grassroots Fundraising Journal, May-June 2007.

 “Rural Fundraising: Looking Beyond the Locals”, Grassroots Fundraising Journal, March/April 2003.

 “Finding Foundation Funders”, Grassroots Fundraising Journal, March/April 2004.

 “More Money in the Mailbox: Eleven Tips for Improving Your Mailings“, Grassroots Fundraising Journal, November/December 2005.

 “In Praise of Amateurs: Why Volunteers Make the Best Fundraisers”, Grassroots Fundraising Journal, November/December 2004.

 “Business Planning for Enterprising Nonprofits”, Grassroots Fundraising Journal, July/August 2002.

“An Exercise That Raises Money While You Do It,” GuideStar, August 2015,

“Fundraising Training Exercise: Planning a Fundraising House Party,” GuideStar, May 2015,

“Fundraising Training Exercise: The Gift is Just the Beginning,” GuideStar, March 2015,

“Challenge Your Board, Raise More Money,” GuideStar, February 2015,

“Fundraising Training Exercise: Active Listening — What Do You Hear?”, GuideStar, January 2015,

“Fundraising Training Exercise: Fundraising From the Inside Out,” GuideStar, November 2014,

“Major Gifts Fundraising: The Questions I Hear Most Often,” GuideStar, October 2014,

“Fundraising Training Exercise: Building a Board Fundraising Ladder,” GuideStar, September 2014,

“Fundraising Training Exercise: What Drew You to This Work?” GuideStar, July 2014,

“Fundraising Training Exercise: Where’s the Money?” GuideStar, May 2014,

“Fundraising Training Exercise: Where Do You Stand? Fundraising Continuums,” GuideStar, March 2014,

“Getting Started as a Fundraising Trainer,” GuideStar, March 2014,

“Asking Far and Wide: Interview With Fundraiser Andy Robinson,” GuideStar, November 21, 2013,

“After the Yes: 12 Questions You Can Ask Donors After They Say Yes,” Keep the Change, September 2013,

“The Less Visible Leader: Emerging Leadership Models for Environmental Networks, Coalitions, and Collaboratives,” Institute for Conservation Leadership, January 2013,

“It’s Not Your Money: How Boards Can Resolve Financial Conflicts of Interest,” with Nancy Wasserman, GuideStar, October 18, 2012,

“What Every Board Members Should Know About Your Organization…and Probably Doesn’t,” with Nancy Wasserman, Contributions, April 2012,

“Financial Controls Help Board Members Keep Nonprofits on Track,” with Nancy Wasserman,, March 2012,

“After the Yes: 12 Questions You Can Ask Donors Once They Say Yes,” with Harvey McKinnon, GuideStar, February 2012,

“Peer to Peer Fundraising: It’s Not What You Think,” GuideStar, January 2012,

“Integrate Financial Thinking into all Aspects of Board Work,” with Nancy Wasserman,, January 2011,

“How to Help Board Members Create a Culture of Fundraising”,, November 2010,

“Board Fundraising: 3 Questions with Andy Robinson,” Common Good Vermont, October 2010,

“Case study: Online tools help increase offline (and online) giving,” Mal Warwick’s Newsletter, July 2010,

“Managing Grant Money,” Shelterforce, September/October 2005,

“The Word You Hear Most Often: Inoculating Yourself to ‘No,’” Contributions, September/October 2004,

“Are You Ready for Enterprise? Ten Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Nonprofit Venture,” Shelterforce, July/August 2002,