Consulting and Coaching


• Strategic Planning
• Fundraising
• Major Gifts and Capital Campaigns
• Grants
• Earned Income
• Board Development and Board Fundraising
• Nonprofit Mergers and Strategic Alliances
• Publicity and Marketing
• Community Organizing
• Meeting and Retreat Facilitation
• Individual Coaching
• Trouble-Shooting



Strategic Planning
• Organizing and managing the planning process
• Including the voices of constituents through surveys, interviews and focus groups
• Facilitating planning retreats
• Working with staff and board to draft, approve, and implement the plan


• Conducting assessments: Where are your best options? What could you be doing more effectively?
• Working with staff and board to prepare fundraising plans and calendars
• Reviewing and editing fundraising materials: letters, brochures, websites, email, etc.
• Writing appeal letters


Major Gifts and Capital Campaigns
• Customized training on the face-to-face “ask” for board and staff
• Working with clients to identify prospective donors and structure major gifts campaigns
• Check-ins and trouble-shooting during the campaign


• Helping clients determine the “fundability” of their programs
• Reviewing and editing grant proposals
• Suggesting possible funding sources


Earned Income
• Working with board and staff to identify new opportunities for earned income through the sale of goods and services
• Assisting with feasibility and business planning


Board Development and Board Fundraising
• Leading workshops and retreats on board roles and responsibilities
• Working with the leadership to create board agreements or job descriptions
• Customized training to help board members raise money more effectively
• Developing board fundraising menus to provide options for greater involvement


Nonprofit Mergers and Strategic Alliances
• Helping potential partners explore the suitability of working together more closely
• Supporting the cultural changes that come with mergers
• Providing a neutral, experienced perspective


Publicity and Marketing
• Creating compelling messages
• Developing a marketing plan
• Helping staff, board and volunteers to become effective spokespersons and marketers


Community Organizing
• Working with leaders to develop campaign strategy
• Leading workshops on the basics of community organizing
• Helping clients to integrate fundraising into their issue campaigns


Meeting and Retreat Facilitation
• Working with clients to develop meeting goals and agendas
• Facilitating events to ensure maximum participation and tangible results
• Integrating creativity and fun into the work


Individual Coaching
• Providing support and guidance for a wide range of nonprofit issues and needs: planning, personnel matters, conflict, resource development, board engagement, growth management, succession planning, etc.


• Providing a calm, experienced perspective in times of confusion and crisis.