How to Raise $500 to $5000 From Almost Anyone

Based on Andy’s popular workshops, this book is designed for small groups with limited experience doing major gifts campaigns. Board members will learn everything they need to know: how to get ready for the campaign, how to identify prospective donors, where to meet, how to ask, what to do after the meeting – even how to express your thanks in a memorable way. And yes, you really can read it in an hour!

The publisher offers deep discounts for bulk orders – buy one for each of your board members.


“Gives you the tools for major donor fundraising in language as clear as its premise: if you believe in your cause, you can be a great fundraiser.”

Jeff Anderson, Executive Vice President, Oregon Community Foundation,


“A refreshingly simple approach aimed at grassroots organizations struggling to survive funding cuts. Upbeat, inspiring, and thoughtful.”

Gloria Hibbett, Philadelphia Free Library,


“For busy board members, a quick read that leaves no excuses for not asking.”

Kim Klein, author and founder, Grassroots Fundraising Journal,