Train Your Board (and Everyone Else) to Raise Money

Do you want to raise more money? Do you want more people to help? Do you dream about having a nonprofit board full of fearless fundraisers?

Of course you do!

Andy and co-author Andrea Kihlstedt have gathered an expert team of fundraising trainers from across North America to create this unique collection of easy-to-use fundraising exercises. Some activities are as short as 15 minutes, while others take an hour. Everything you need to conduct any of the 51 exercises – step-by-step instructions, handouts, even questions to pose to the group – is included in the book.

Train your team. Raise more money.


“Covers every step of the process to help community-based board members raise more funds. I would love to see boards run some of these exercises at every board meeting.”

Judy Levine, Cause Effective,


“The book’s subtitle, “A Cookbook of Easy-to-Use Fundraising Exercises,” underscores an important point: this volume, like a good cookbook, should be used repeatedly… New board members and other newcomers will likely benefit from training, while veterans may want to revisit these exercises as a way to check up and polish their skills.”

Peter Lowy, Mass Nonprofit News,