The Board Member’s Easier Than You Think Guide To Nonprofit Finances

Financial planning and budgeting combine all the money taboos with that common disorder, math phobia. Put a spreadsheet in from of many nonprofit leaders, and they’ll run screaming from the room.

With their new book, The Board Member’s Easier Than You Think Guide to Nonprofit Finances, Andy and his co-author Nancy Wasserman help trustees (and their staff colleagues) confront and address this fear – with wisdom, clarity, humor, and humility.

The publisher offers deep discounts for bulk orders – buy one for each of your board members.


“This book is as advertised. User friendly. Efficient. Truly informative. If I’d only thought of writing it first…”

Churchill Hindes, Visiting Nurses Association,


“Filled with relevant and interesting real life scenarios. I appreciated the metaphors and analogies that bridge the gap between intimidating terms and every day experiences.”

Guadalupe Guajardo, Nonprofit Association of Oregon,


“There are definitely parts of this book that will become part of my board orientation manual for new board members!”

Judy Levine, Cause Effective,